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Seaside Magic Series 

Author: Vianlix-Christine

Fourteen-year-old Caroline Smith’s life has always been filled with secrets, but nothing can compare to her accidently discovering that her whole family has magical powers! She is thrilled to learn how to use her powers that she never knew she had. But that joy melts away after someone uses magic to cause her harm and wants her dead. A masked man—who has strong, dark powers—will do whatever it takes to end every Smith’s life. With the help of her grandmother, Caroline trains in hopes of staying alive and stopping the masked man once and for all.



Caroline Smith is looking forward to her first relaxing summer at the beach. That is until Jewel rejects Dutch’s marriage proposal. The home they had built becomes threatened, pulling the three of them apart. In a desperate attempt to bring everyone back together, Caroline accidentally discovers a realm hidden within Achilles’ old home. Concealed in a mirror is a beautiful world full of magic, mysteries, and a familiar voice that she believes could belong to her late father. But when Jewel and Dutch do not believe what she has heard, she has no choice but to go into the mirror against their wishes. With Sal by her side, they begin a journey in hopes to find her long lost father. But even in a beautiful world, darkness lurks in every corner.

Book 1

Book 2 


What would you do if your life became bound to your worst enemy?
After Caroline Smith’s last battle with Achilles Remis leaves her cursed, she’s forced to learn how to live with the pain. But unknown to her, Achilles is suffering the same fate in the mirror world after accidently binding their lives together when he had placed the curse on her. It seems the only way to unbind them and remove the curse is for them to work together. From award-winning author Vianlix-Christine Schneider, Seaside Magic and the Binding Curse is a daring novel that asks how much you’re willing to sacrifice for those you love.

Coming 2/28/20024

Book 3 



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